When you choose GP Scheepvaart en Handel, you choose expertise and a personal approach. We have years of experience in inland shipping, which has enabled us to build a large network among inland skippers and related companies.This is our strength to provide you with the best possible service in mediating in the sale and purchase of your ship.

How do we work.

  • If you want to offer your ship for sale, you can find our email address and telephone number via the contact button on our website.
  • You can send your personal details and your ship details and photos of your ship via e-mail. We will then contact you to make an appointment.
  • We will visit you and go through all the necessary information together with you.
  • We will make a photo report of your ship. We will then include your ship in our database and place it on our website.
  • We start with the search for potential buyer(s) and will offer the ship to these potential buyer(s).
  • We will inform you when potential buyer(s) registers with us and, if desired, provide all necessary information about your ship to the potential buyer(s).
  • If necessary GP Scheepvaart en Handel works closely with other reliable colleague intermediaries / brokers.
  • In case of serious interest in the ship, we schedule a viewing appointment. This viewing is supervised by GP Scheepvaart en Handel.
  • When selling your ship we will propose a purchase contract. In consultation with the selling and buying party, it will be agreed which items and reservations should be included in the purchase agreement.
  • GP Scheepvaart will supervise the further sales process, such as the engine inspection and airframe inspection.
  • When all conditions, set in the purchase agreement, have been met and there are no further reservations, the file will be passed by the notary.
  • GP Scheepvaart will support the new owner with the registration of the shipping documents.  

After the registration we will contact you as soon as possible. See also our conditions.