We use our own barges, Q-Barge and Oostenwind for various transports, particularly in sand, gravel and dredged material. Also, our containers can be used for external rental.

With our push boat Leander we can carry out small-scale towing and pushing work.The boat is especially suitable for shallow water and can navigate all European waters with its 3.40 meter creep line.

Survey Vlet Boris is mainly used for water level / survey activities. As Assistance with activities during diving activities, or transport of people, (crew change) and / or traffic control.

Working ship Assistent has a spacious workshop on board, is equipped with welding and firing equipment, air compressor, high-pressure cleaner. This ship is equipped with two cranes. Including one moving Hiabb crane with a lifting capacity of 1400 kilos at eight meters. In addition, it has a ten-meter truck crane with a lifting capacity of 750 kilos.

The Assistant is equipped with two power units, head propeller and modern navigation equipment. This makes the ship extremely suitable for assistance with diving work, wet contracting, repair work, assistance with barges, and moving materials.

Our dirt fishing boat is very suitable for catching litter in small waters. Due to its shallow draft and low creep height, the boat is suitable for sailing in almost any canal. The dirt fishing boat is equipped with a hydraulic landing net with a container in the ships hold.

All our vessels are certified and meet the latest standards / regulations.